V Stream

Extending events beyond the confines of physical space to reach a broader and more engaged audience online has been a challenge for many event planners – especially with the traditional online options. With V Stream your audience and participants have the best of all worlds – the ability to participate remotely, ask questions, respond to polls, Facebook and Tweet to colleagues and friends, and actively view presentations - all within your branded environment.

Increase Student Engagement

V Stream combines video conferencing, collaboration and online video into a single scalable platform that enhances interaction for both instructors and students. V Stream easy-to-use interface allows real-time dialogue between the student and instructor, as well as between students. This dynamic environment makes remote learning more impactful, more engaging and increases value to both the students and the institutions.

Clientless SaaS Based Solution

There is no need to download any software or 3rd party applications to run and participate in classes.

Face-to-Face Experience

Many virtual classroom experiences don't let students see one another. V Stream enables up to 25 Class Rooms to attend the class via their videocams and interact more meaningfully with their Teacher.

Multi-Media Collaboration

Students and instructors can actively collaborate around rich media including videos, documents, images and presentations synchronously

Interactive Features

Questions and chat posts can be dragged and dropped onto the stage to become part of the presentation. Quick polls, white board and screen sharing tools provide additional interactivity and further student engagement.

Learning Management System & Single Sign-On Integration

V Stream can seamless integrate with Learning Management Systems to provide single-sign-on access for your employees or clients