M Field Force

These salespeople are equipped with tablets, or Smartphones with all the data they need to make their work with customers more effective. Stock levels, prices, accounts receivable and order history are just a few examples. Previously prepared orders significantly reduce business meeting time. These draft orders based on the customer history are complemented by sale products and other preferred goods. New orders can be placed directly at the meeting. You can also carry out different marketing polls or settle claims directly while seeing a customer.

As soon as you log from your tablet/Smart Phones onto the Internet, the new data is synchronized with the central Server. This way the headquarters have accurate information on every customer and salesperson in the defined structure at any time (orders, inquiries, trade statistics, overview of activities and results of sales staff, etc).

M Field Force helps unify and enforce your corporate policy. At the same time, using state-of-the-art technology in practice augments your reputation. You can manage your sales force and evaluate their results from your HQ. The core system contains a "ForSelling" tool, ideal for managing sales and marketing activities, such as monitoring direct and indirect orders, monitoring business, carrying out polls, entering and tracking different tasks and activities, monitoring workload by salesperson, etc.

Here are some M Field Force unmatched features:

  • Tools for planning, managing and evaluating the work of sales representatives and their marketing activities
  • Daily drafts to-do lists for salespeople
  • Assistance and guidance to salespeople through business meetings
  • Customer contacts record and classification
  • Direct and indirect order record
  • Market monitoring of own and competing products
  • Immediate detailed and cumulative customer statistics
  • Performance evaluating statistics by salesperson: customer care, marketing, etc.
  • Plenty of extra functionalities - calendar, tasks, etc
  • Central parameter administration and rapid mobile gadget sync with central Server.
  • Clear and intuitive working environment

The M Field Force system been conceived for tablets, Smartphones running on Android. It was developed by CloudVU Web Services in cooperation with experts in the field and has already been successfully installed at different customers.